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BONUS! Ensoulment – Stephen Bau (with Veronica Anderson)

July 28, 2022

“A creator is inherently born to change the status-quo.” 

In this bonus episode, Stephen Bau tackles “Imposter Syndrome” with Ensoulment coach Veronica Anderson during a candid private coaching session.

Stephen Bau is an artist, designer and social architect who was also my guest on Epsiodes 17 and 18.

Stephen and Veronica talk about overcoming the “dragon” of the status-quo and Veronica points out “There will always be a status-quo... and you will always be creating the things that change it.” 

Thank you to Stephen and Veronica for allowing me to share this session with you.


Stephen Bau

Builder’s Collective (website)
Luna Solterra Coda Document

World Builders (referred to as World Weavers Group in the recording)


Veronica Anderson, Life Coach (blog)

HomeDash – (geo-design project)


Episode References
Running Up That Hill by Kate Bush (NPR)

Orwell’s Roses by Rebecca Solnit (goodreads)

The Tiger and The Strawberry

Rachel Naomi Remen on On Being (with Krista Tippett)

Tony Patrick - World Builders
Asterix (wikipedia)
Mark Wagnon (Awareness Farms Facebook | Conscious Cafe Facebook | LinkedIN)
Alphonse Mucha

Original music by Steven Leavitt

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