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Design for Resilience – Stephen Bau (UX Designer) Ep. 17, Pt.1

May 7, 2021

Designers make powerful choices that ultimately affect real lived experience. What happens when those choices have unforeseen consequences?

Stephen Bau is a UX design mentor at Designlab but prefers the term “human experience” to “user experience.” Starting out at a young age with a love for art and deciding upon a path toward graphic design in Vancouver, Canada, Bau joined the industry at a tumultuous moment, when desktop publishing was beginning to consolidate entire teams of specialists into a single user with a Macintosh.

Steve and Stephen recount their experiences of living through the disruption caused by the early proliferation of the internet: desktop publishing and the home studio revolution. At this point, advertising shifted from a one-way channel to a conversation. With this new found access to people’s thoughts, advertisers pushed designers to “tap into people’s brain stems and trigger their fears.” This eventually contributed to the social media landscape we know today, and companies quickly moved to find out how to commoditize our interactions and attention. What could possibly go wrong?

They talk about The Social Dilemma, Futurist and architect R. Buckminster Fuller, and how Stephen likes to play his name off of the Bauhaus. They also touch on the challenges with social utopian ideals and the inevitability of things going wrong. 

“Every technology has a bias, and you have to be careful of how you take those on.” Because we all make choices, we are all designers of our future.


Guest: Stephen Bau

Building Leaders to Design a Resilient Society 


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