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We All Tell Stories – Jarod Cerf (Writer/Brand Strategist) Ep.16

March 31, 2021

We all create narratives defining who we are, yet so many of us forget that we all have the power to craft and hone these narratives to define ourselves, our worlds, and the legacy we leave behind.

Jarod Cerf lives by his adage that everyone is a storyteller. A consummate storyteller himself, Cerf has long recognized the power of storytelling and crafting narratives not only in the artistic sphere but for major marketing firms, within college classrooms, in major media outlets, for himself, and his clients. “I have had so many titles: teacher, journalist, PR, marketing, etc. And what I finally realized is that I am a storyteller: someone who teaches, entertains, and guides the folks in my tribe … to inspire a course of action, a thought, or remember something by. That’s all storytellers have done, culturally, historically, throughout time.”

Sharing from his wealth of experience, this episode is quite the deep-dive into the existential, the esoteric, and the “Weird.” (“New Weird exists to overturn cliches and twist the traditional.” – BookRiot)  Jarod says, “I follow story from characters… they are what define what happens… It's not my goal, personally, to write horror fiction or sci-fi or fantasy, I enjoy those, but that's not what I set out to write.” Jarod’s goal in coaching and writing is to illuminate the darkest places for people, whether they are struggling to develop their stories or their life-path.

Steve and Jarod discuss issues that often plague creatives like chronic pain. Jarod challenges the notion that suffering is necessary for creation. They also discuss creative blocks, marketing, what you should do with characters that seem to develop a mind of their own, and why storytellers are going to thrive in the new economy.

Whether our medium is a novel, podcast, song, or even the way we remember and construct our lives: “how we make other people characters in our lives” defines how we experience life itself.


Guest Jarod Serf



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