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Undercover Writing Partners! – Undercover Rubicon (Music Duo) Ep. 23

January 21, 2022

What do you do when you’re locked in your house for 6 months? Record an EP of course!

Inspired by the sound of 80s Post-Punk and Darkwave, this musical duo loves to take a look back at the past “to see how genres intertwine.” 

This episode was recorded in late 2020: we were looking back on quarantine and how it allowed more time to make music. Before that, the duo says “the only time we had to make music was on vacation.” We talk about the evolution of a song in the writing process, the recording process, having opposite schedules, Depeche Mode, celebrity overdoses and the demands of celebrity… maybe why the Rubicon would like to be undercover in the first place. We also hear about Steve’s original band and their child-prodigy nine year-old drummer and get a glimpse into the evolution of a song.

Rebec… I mean Rubicon shares her perspective about why the pandemic was good (in some ways) and how she was hesitant to release a song that could be considered political. “I’m not built to live through a Revolution” she says quoting the meme.

Guest: Undercover Rubicon (Rebecca Leavitt / Raul Hernandez)


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Instagram - @undercoverrubicon


Featured Music: 

Living A Lie by Undercover Rubicon

Time by Undercover Rubicon

“I Don’t Know How To Write” (In Too Deep sketch) written by Rebecca Leavitt and Steven Leavitt

In Too Deep by Undercover Rubicon

The 12th Hour by Transfiguration

Forever Somewhere by Eric Kennedy, Jo Blinman and Steven Leavitt

“Smooth Beat V2” by Undercover Rubicon


Mentioned in the episode:

Mason Gold

Oliver Tree
Oliver Tree - I’m Gone (music video)

The Oceanographers "After Quarantine" - Spotify

Molachat Doma

Depeche Mode - Wikipedia

Tom Petty - Wikipedia


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