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Questioning Beliefs - Leo Lutz (Seventh Day Adventist?) Ep. 22 part 2

January 9, 2022

What happens when you start to question the moral foundation you grew up on? In this episode, Steve and Leo sit down to have another conversation about programming but begin to notice similar principles behind law, society, its mores, and even religion.

Leo grew up a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, a Protestant-Christian denomination distinguished by its observance of the Sabbath (on Saturday) as a sanctified day of rest. While studying the Bible, he started noticing circular logic and other problematic reasoning which led him to question assumptions from his upbringing and begin to let go of his faith. As an INTP, reworking his beliefs wasn’t personally as challenging as the fear of disappointing his family because leaving the faith could be interpreted as jeopardizing his soul and a cause for separation from the ones he loves. 

What’s clear is that both Steve and Leo have had to do a lot of thinking surrounding issues of faith and community. Steve and Leo also talk about free-will, cults, workaholism, burnout and depression. 

Guest: Leo Lutz

Deytah - Creative Digital Consultancy

Instagram: @only1skeemer

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