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Creative Problem-Solving – Leo Lutz (Full-Stack Developer) Ep. 21, part 1

December 9, 2021

How can a programmer help put out a blazing wildfire? Steve talks to longtime friend and programmer Leo Lutz about unconventional creativity and what happens when you pair non-conventional thinking with an open approach to problem-solving. (Hint: you get culture-shifting ideas.)

Leo Lutz is cofounder of Deytah, a digital consultancy focused on helping small businesses and nonprofits solve problems related to user experience, development, and data solutions. Leo has a knack for teaching and creative problem-solving but also a love for audio. In fact, Leo and Steve used to do live sound together for Don’t Call Us Tori, a live music showcase that Steve co-founded with musician Shannon Hurley. (And did you know, Leo’s company Deytah built the I Create Sound website?)

In this episode, Steve and Leo discuss the uniqueness of possessing a N+P pairing on the MBTI and reflect on how their Myers–Briggs personality types intersect with their work. Steve asks Leo to explain what programming IS, and Leo addresses the notion that coders sometimes lack creativity. They also discuss The Magic Castle, mixing audio in church, and pedagogy (teaching). 

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Guest: Leo Lutz

Deytah - Creative Digital Consultancy

Instagram: @only1skeemer


Matrik SEE (Requires Google Login)


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