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BONUS! Banter – Undercover Rubicon (Raul and Becca)

March 24, 2022

Steve hates banter! So here's a full episode of it.


Undercover Rubicon (Spotify)

Hers (Spotify)

Class Of 1999 (IMDB)

tags: banter episode, Selena, Danny Elfman, Netflix, Hers, LTO tape, demos, Cubase, Dongles, Win 98, pawn shop regret, synths, Paula Abdul, Corona, quarantine, podcasting, studio attire, ENFP, Tommy Bahama, school conformity, high school, control constructs, GED's, independent study, recurring nightmares, auditing classes, masterclass, St. Vincent, Alicia Keys, Timbaland, Tom Morello, Dave Grohl, Chris Hadfield, Brad Pitt, Bradgelina, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, interviewing, Pierce Brosnan, movie skills, Universal Studios Tour, Jannet Jackson, fish bowl, Universal backlot, stunt doubles, music videos, social distancing, personal space, LA traffic, gas station bathrooms, peeing in public, muckbang, cat-pee smell, The Record Plant, indoor smoking, Vegas, The Sahara Casino, north The Strip, the Killers, Vegas locals, Waze, big city, small world, Thomas Guides, beepers, payphones, quarters, parking meters, parking meter apps, Pasadena, tow yard, social media, Facebook, Myspace, small town, AIM, Private school versus public school, Class Of 1999, Jacuzzi podcast, being a dad, the book was better, Lonely Girl 15, Amanda Bynes, Drake Bell, pierogi, Denny’s, Coco’s, IHOP, vaping, True Crime, Forensic Files, X-Files, Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell, George Noori, Twilight Zone, Hillary Duff, Cher, AutoTune, T-Pain, Everybody was kung-fu fighting

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