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A Beginner’s Mind – Marlene Hutchinson (Guitar Teacher) Ep. 24

April 22, 2022

Starting out can be hard. Steve was sitting at a podcasting panel when the lady sitting next to him looked over and asked “do you understand any of this?”

It turns out the lady sitting next to Steve has been on PBS and NPR with her course, Learn to Play Guitar in a Day! Marlene Hutchinson is a teacher at heart, and was at one time an elementary school teacher. She didn’t actually learn to play guitar until she was an adult. As a child she played piano and clarinet, but she says that when she found the guitar “it was like I found my cocoon, my home.”

In this episode Marlene and Steve talk about learning how to podcast, practicing (Marlene loved it, Steve hated it), “the beginner’s mind” and how picking up a new instrument gives you a whole new way to look at music. We also touch on what makes a good teacher, sound-healing, how music affects your brain, writing songs just for fun, children's music and explore the entrepreneurial journey that Marlene took to get her workshop on PBS.

Steve helped Marlene launch the Tips For Guitar Playing Success podcast, which now has over 35,000 downloads since its release on April 9, 2020.


Guest: Marlene Hutchinson

Featured Music: “It’s Never Too Late” by Marlene Hutchinson


Tips for Guitar Playing Success podcast


Lesson of the Month Club


Learn to Play Guitar in a Day


Guitar Coaching Sessions

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Brian Eno’s ambient music for times of thinking and healing


Gerald White's Sight Singing and Vocal Masterclasses

SCORE find a business coach

Steve's audio coaching business: I Create Sound 


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Intro Music by Darmok (Magnuson, Anton, Leavitt)
End Music: "Drone Into Tomorrow" by Raul Hernandez


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