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The Ocean – Justin Miyamoto (The Oceanographers) Ep.12

March 3, 2020

Justin Miyamoto explores concepts like the ocean, space and time-travel to convey the human experience of love, joy and struggle through songwriting as a form of journaling. The Oceanographers’ musical style mirrors the tides of Hawaii as Justin and Steve muse about the similarities between water and the inner world of emotions.


Originally from Southern California, he moved to Hawaii to find like minded creatives and make music and to be closer to family. When he got there, he was surprised to find his own experiences in his new home woven throughout the narrative of lyrics he’d written while in LA, finalizing the album with a beautiful song inspired by his new home.  “It makes me want to create art that has a purpose that really transcends our everyday existence into something better.”


Justin and Steve discuss how personality types influence creativity, balancing lofty metaphors while staying relatable to your audience, and graphic design. How do two people collaborate while 2500 miles apart? How do you know if you are on the right course with a creative project? In this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear two long term friends grapple with personal and creative growth while experiencing the expressive music of Justin and the Oceanographers.


Featured Music:

Questions - The Oceanographers LP

Submarine - (From The Submarine EP)

Swept Away - The Oceanographers LP

Hawaii - (Live)/The Oceanographers LP

Tribal Song - The Oceanographers LP

Back In Time - (Live)


Guest: Justin Miyamoto


Submarine - The Oceanographers

Instagram: @theoceanographers, @justinmiyamoto @orchestrateddesign


New Song! (Co-produced by Steven Leavitt and I Create Sound): "After Quarantine"

Host: Steven Leavitt

To connect with Steven about the Artist Advisement Session Justin spoke about, fill out the contact form at 


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