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Someone Else’s Dream – Talyn Edelson (Stuntwoman) Ep. 25

June 11, 2022

Before we sat down to do this interview with this commissioned artist she made a very bold statement: “I hate making art.” 

Talyn Edelson is a warrior through and through. Having conquered both intense physical and mental obstacles in her life, Talyn has trained to be lit on fire, perform with weapons, fall off buildings and be pulled back through walls or doorways by ratchets. Although she studied graphic design and motion graphics in college in Oklahoma she actually wanted to move to Los Angeles as quickly as possible to pursue a career in stunts and action acting.

Fresh off a breakup and still in quarantine (recorded in July 2020) Steve and Talyn Edelson discuss her lifelong passion for getting into the motion picture stunt industry and how she was forced to choose between losing support from her family or finishing university. Talyn says that she wouldn’t be happy doing anything other than performing, “It's so important to me that I would rather die homeless on the street here than give up and go home.”

Steve and Talyn know each other through Stunt Lab, a stunt training and experimental action techniques workshop hosted by Steve’s dad. When she’s not performing stunts or mastering her movement techniques, Talyn creates commissioned artworks for numerous clients as well as distinguished artistic prints. Even though she makes a living from drawing and digital design, she would much rather be channeling her creativity toward movement and performance.

We talk about Talyn’s perspective on creating from a place of pain and obligation rather than joy and desire, and “what happens when you excel at someone else’s dream?” We discuss the joy behind various forms of creativity and expression, the irony of caring too much, grappling with COVID-19 life, and establishing rewards and coping mechanisms as she lives and learns each day. 

Her latest project is her custom apparel business Villainy Street, LTD. Check out her killer Spotify curated playlist on her webpage.

Guest: Talyn Edelson

Villainy Street LTD “Good People Playing Bad”

Facebook: VillainyStreet

Instagram @VillainyStreet


Talyn’s art (Dribbble)

IG: @talyndesigns


Talyn’s social medias

Instagram: @talynedelson



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Episode Music: “Acid Loop Fever” (2002) Steven Leavitt

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